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Charles Moore Staff Photo

Welcome students and parents to the 2014-15 school year.  I am very excited to return to Detroit Lakes High School.  Each year I have more fun working with and teaching the youth of the Detroit Lakes community.  

Students and parents who have worked with me know that I believe juniors and seniors need to step up their involvement in their education and pursuit of a fulfilling life after high school.  Our mantra in the program is “self advocacy”.  It is a learning process for students and our program offers a lot of support as students gain confidence in advocating for themselves and searching out how to pursue a career or education after high school.  

We work closely with the Department of Vocational Rehab Services (VRS).  VRS offers assistance to young people after they graduate high school.  Some of the services offered are transition from school to work, assistance with living independently, counseling and training for finding suitable jobs and many other service that assist young students as they move from high school to the work force or post-high school education.  Visit the VRS website at for further details.  Typically we set up the initial meeting between students and a VRS counselor during the school year in order to start the process.  

The school year can be filled with challenges, but there are always more ups than downs during the year.  Please call me, or email with questions, concerns or ideas.


Charles Moore

218-847-4491 Ext 2105