Human Services Pathway

The Human Services  Pathway is focused primarily on careers that emphasize working with people.

  • Civil Service
  • Counseling
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Non-Profit Leadership
  • Political Scientist
  • Psychologist/Psychiatrist
  • Public Policy
  • Social Worker
  • Teacher
Crest of Human Serivces

Potential Career Opportunities


Picture of Police Officer  walking with elderly lady.
Police Officer

Annual Salary: $48,000 - $82,000

MN Job Openings: Ten year growth--faster than average, Annual Openings--high

Keep the public safe, pursue and arrest people who break laws, prepare reports about accidents and arrests, review facts to determine if criminal acts were committed, give first aid to people who are injured, testify in court to present evidence, patrol areas on foot, horse, bike, or vehicle, investigate suspicious activities and safety hazards, interview witnesses to gather more information.

Picture of Psychologist working with a child

Annual Salary: $66,000 - $130,000

MN Job Openings: Ten year growth--much faster than average, Annual Openings--high

Design research studies, collect and analyze data, and interpret findings, gather information from many sources before setting up programs or treatment methods, choose, give, and score psychological tests, conduct individual and group meetings. Help clients understand problems, define goals, and plan changes, offer plans to clients about ways to achieve goals in the classroom or at work.

Picture of teacher with students

Annual Salary: $40,000 - $90,000

MN Job Openings: Ten year growth-- faster than average, Annual Openings--very high

Prepare class lessons according to school curriculum and state or local requirements, create and give tests to check students' progress, record and report grades that indicate students' progress, confer with students, administrators, and parents to resolve behavioral and academic problems, provide academic and career advising to help students choose courses, create and enforce behavior expectations for students.