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What are the Academies of Detroit Lakes?


Typical high school models have prepared all students for a university experience. Data and research are becoming increasingly clear that this path may not be the path for all. In fact, there is a growing body of evidence to support that the "university for all" model of student prep can be misleading. Problems like: high amounts of student loan debt, students who change majors and have no plan for success as an adult, workers who settle for careers in jobs that are not in high demand with high wages, and people who feel "stuck" in careers that are not rewarding have all surfaced as troubling in our new economy.

Degrees are no longer enough! For success in the 21st century workforce students need hands on experience using 21st century skills that provide challenge, opportunity, and exposure to career fields that are high demand-high wage! Watch the video "Success in the New Economy" to learn more about what research is telling us.

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Success in the New Economy

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Utilizing students' interests and aptitudes to guide choices for education and careers.    

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Changing the college decision-making process from "Where do I want to go?" to "What do I want to be?"

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Acquiring marketable skills first, then pursuing higher levels of education.

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Pursuing careers that match high-demand, high-skill, high-wage jobs.