Choosing The Correct Pathway

A key component of choosing the correct academy pathway is embedded into Freshmen Seminar. Here students look at their Interests and Aptitudes and use this information to select the best pathway for them. To aid in this work, DLHS uses a program called YouScience which helps students figure out how their unique talents, gifts, aptitudes, and interests fit with real world careers. To learn more about YouScience please visit their website: Our students have access to their YouScience information and profile for 10 years which is also very helpful when applying for jobs, scholarships, or writing college entrance essays!

Additionally, students engage in learning "modules" in the Freshmen Seminar that are centered around each pathway that our school offers. Each week of modules includes videos, reading, research, discussion, and presentations by community partners related to each pathway. At the end of these modules, and with the use of the individual data provided by YouScience, students are more than prepared to make a decision about the Academy Pathway that best fits them. This process typically takes around five weeks to complete.

As you talk with your student or with other parents about this decision, please know that this is not something we take lightly! This is definitely NOT 14-year-olds choosing a career. It IS a very robust experience learning about individual talents, abilities, aptitudes and how they specifically match up with career areas that students should investigate more. We pride ourselves on spending this much intentional time assisting students in learning about their personal talents, the careers that match these talents, and figuring out multiple paths to get there.

Below you will find several videos and content related to information about career and technical education, college decision making, and current data from the MN Department of Employment and Economic Development about our area of the state. This is all information that is used with our students to aid in making the correct pathway decision. 

CTE 101

Flipping the College Decision Making Paradigm

The Insufficient Degree