Prom 2023

Rustic Villa DLHS Prom 2023
S A T U R D A Y , M A Y 6
H I G H  S C H O O L  C O M M O N S
9 P M - 1 2 A M


Must check in by 10 pm.
No re-entry once you leave!

Tickets: $40 per person

Ticket sales through Prom Committee will begin Monday, April 17th. Tickets will be sold during lunch and AIT

Grand March

Prom Guest Request Form

Prom Eligibility Rules:

  • DLHS students may bring one guest. Your guest must be under the age of 21 on the date of the dance and enrolled in 10-12 grade or graduated.
  • Your guest must be in good standing at their school (for example, not suspended or expelled).
  • Students who did not leave DLHS in good standing are not eligible to attend dances.
  • Your guest must attach a photocopy of their driver’s license or other form of official ID that is readable and verifiable to this form. You may not buy tickets until guest forms are received.
  • DLHS uses drug and alcohol detection services at Prom. By allowing their child to attend Prom,
  • Parents agree to all searches DLHS administration deem necessary.

Prom Guest Request Form

Post Prom

Post Prom Waiver:

Waiver must be filled out for students to attend Post Prom at Castaway.
Camp Castaway Presents: DLHS Post Prom 6 May 2023. Food, Prizes, Fun. 1:00AM-3:30AM Transportation Provided by DLHS.