Drug & Alcohol Program

Our school district recognizes that chemical abuse issues interfere with maintaining a safe learning environment and with a student's potential to learn.  We provide education, intervention, drug testing, alcohol and nicotine testing, referral and follow up support to students involved with, or at risk of, alcohol/drug use and abuse.

 Warning signs of Teen substance use:  

-Abrupt changes in school attendance, grades and/or quality of work
-Changes in appearance
-Changes in peer group and friendships
-Unusual mood swings
-Loss of past interest in activities they once enjoyed
-Acting aggressive or angry
-Isolating from family and friends
-Associating with known substance abusers

What to do if you suspect your student of using alcohol, tobacco and/or other substances: If you have suspicions of tobacco or alcohol/drug use with your student, please reach out to me as soon as possible. Together we can come up with a plan that you are comfortable with, to address the situation.  

Drug Testing:  Drug testing is a good way to rule out the possibility of using, or to identify what substance the student is using.  Parent permission is required in order to drug test a student.  Our tests detect alcohol, most drugs and nicotine (includes vaping).  The drug testing is confidential and there is no cost to parents/guardians for this.  If a parent/guardian voluntarily requests a drug test, no school or legal consequences would be attached to it. 

Treatment: Students struggling with addiction need to be referred to an outside agency for treatment.  Every year we have students that struggle with addiction and need treatment, so I will work with the families to help find the appropriate treatment program for their student. Typically students start with an adolescent outpatient treatment program at Lakes Counseling Center, here in Detroit Lakes.  Many times they will need a high level of care, which would then result in them being referred to an adolescent residential treatment program in a different town.  I stay involved with the students while they are in treatment, as well as returning from treatment, to assist them in the process of recovery.  

Tobacco Use:  If students are vaping/smoking/chewing tobacco, our district offers Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Programs.  INDEPTH (Intervention for Nicotine Dependence:  Education, Prevention, Tobacco and Health) is a program developed by the American Lung Association that I am certified to facilitate. This program is designed to be an alternative to suspension or citation that helps schools address the teen vaping problem in a more supportive way.  During the four sessions of the INDEPTH program, I will educate the students on the school's tobacco policy, tobacco facts, tobacco addiction and alternatives to vaping/smoking.  

For more information, please contact Andrea Danda, Chemical Health Coordinator, at 218-847-4491, ext 2131.

Contact Information:

Andrea Danda
Chemical Health Coordinator
218-847-4491 ext. 2318